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Process API

Lite XL provides a process API to launch external applications. This API is meant to replace lua's io.popen and lite's pipe-to-a-file approach.

Advantages of this API includes:

Using the Process API

Error handling

Starting a process

To start a process, use process.start(args, options).

Here are some of the more useful arguments.

for options.std{in,out,err}, valid values are:

Reading from process

To read from stdout or stderr of a process, use process:read_stdout() and process:read_stderr() respectively.

You can specify a numeric argument to them, which will change the size of internal buffer used to read the output.

Alternatively, you could use process:read() with process.STREAM_STDERR and process.STREAM_STDOUT.


local proc = process.start { "sh", "-c", "echo hello world!" }

-- do not use `while proc:running()` if you care about output.
-- The process could die and leave data in the buffer
-- You should just read until `proc:read_stdout()` returns nil
while true do
  local rdbuf = proc:read_stdout()
  if not rdbuf then break end
  -- yay, output

Writing to process

You can use process:write(data) to write a string to stdin.

Checking completion

Terminating process


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